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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Disability lawsuit in NYC

So today I come across an article about a class action lawsuit that had been filed in 2011. In the article, it states that the NYC taxi and limousine commission was being sued on the basis of the  limited number of taxis with wheelchair accessibility.  This was a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  An agreement was
made that over a period of six years, the commission would increase the number of wheelchair accessible medallions to equal 50% of its fleet.

While this appears to be a win for the disabled, the model van Nissan NV200 is not currently wheelchair accessible, which has disappointed disability advocates. 

It continues to amazes how such decisions are made...... Why was this model be chosen, if it will cost taxpayer monies to remodel it to meet specifications? Is there is no more suitable model?  

Also, there are other issues relating to accessibility in the trains and subway stations. Do we need to wait 6 years to see results for this taxi program, which would be the easiest mode of transportation and commuting about the city?

I need to hear your thoughts.....
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