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Friday, January 3, 2014

Autism Funding/Insurance Video

In continuing with my theme of autism, insurance and funding,  I wanted to share a video clip that discusses the basics about this issue and where to begin.   It is from a series on Youtube from AutismLive.  If you go onto, you can search for AutismLive.   There is an option to subscribe to the series of videos, which covers everything from education to insurance to diet.  However, if you choose not to do so, I will be providing highlights from the series as they develop.

I truly value your comments and if you have a question, please post it and I will help you.  Chances are, if you need answers, so do many other readers.  My mission to help everyone and pay it forward.

My life has been blessed by so many caring, giving individuals, who have helped my special needs boys grow and develop.  Each day I am forever grateful!


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